Essential Oils
October 8, 2016



Everyday Essential Oils 
By Carin Holato

8308f068251d27a31c758f4376ae3958In the past few years people have started to seek out natural forms of healthcare and options that are more accessible. What are essential oils? When I first discovered essential oils, three years ago through my yoga practice, I right away knew that this was something that I wanted to get into. The pure aromatic experience of essential oils was enough to get me hooked. Little did I know that essential oils aromatic compounds are found through just about every plant, root, flower and seed on earth.  

I started researching the powerful benefits of essential oils and how it completely revolutionized the way i took care of my health. I didn’t want to be going to a neurologist every time I had a headache, or take over the counter medicine for cramps, or even try every skincare product that is offered in large department stores.  I knew the moment had come to really invest my time into in depth research and why going natural was the way to go. The most common uses of essential oils are for emotional and physical wellness. They can be used topically, aromatically (being diffused in the air using a diffuser), and internally (but you need to be careful with this one) educating yourself on the right dietary supplements and how they can support various health conditions.

41050c5da9c8c9e2f13d888026ace5d3Essential oils of high quality (and not just off the shelf at whole foods) had to be Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Essential Oils. After seeking out several companies, I had found doTerra to be the best because of the investment in the science behind essential oils.  They use a global network of farmers and growers to source their essential oils, they don’t just bid for it off the market for the cheapest price.  For example, everyone knows that Florida is best known for their lemons, however, doTerra sources their Lemon Essential oil from Sicily. The quality meets all CPTG guidelines and truly has a smell (and taste) like no other. The company’s goal is to better understand how essential oils work and to continue building relationships with research hospitals to know the components of essential oils interactions within cells in the body and how they affect people’s moods and symptoms.  DoTerra continues to seek out new innovative ways to incorporate essential oils but incorporating them into products that don't just come in a glass bottle. Essential oils can be found in skin care products, hair care, home cleaning, and even weight management.  

There is an application for pretty much every situation when it comes to Essential Oils. There have been textbooks published with thousands of sources that confirm how a single essential oil can create a synergistic effect that triggers and boosts the immune system.  When we are taking charge of our health we know that we only want the very best. Making sure that you are choosing essential oils for their potency and purity is key. Potency is important and that is found directly from the plant. Knowing where and how the plant is being grown is vital. Next comes the purity part. Many essential oils on the market as I mentioned before are not certified pure, which means they can contain fillers or other elements that dilute and alter the purity and therefore diminish healthful quality of the oil.

Since I’ve experienced first hand the health benefits of essential oils and all of their various uses, I am constantly engaging people on the topic of essential oils, whether it be at yoga, walking through the supermarket and being asked what “perfume” I am wearing, I am inclined and excited to share the truly wonderful and all natural health benefits essential oils have to offer.