Mindful Children
October 8, 2016



Raising Mindful Children
By Laura Litchult, Cradles 2 Crayons

2e46d45911568dd0084a3675829b6f37My name is Laura A. Litchult.  I am a reiki master, yoga instructor, and the owner of 2 childcare centers in Emerson NJ.  I am a gemstone healer and believe in the power of intentions and affirmations when working with children.  In my childcare centers we practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness daily. We connect with each other as well as those in the community.  We model for children how important it is to love themselves and those around them.  We emit the feeling gratitude for everything thing we have, regardless of the challenges around us.  I love what I do. Raising children in a vibration of love proves to be so gratifying and I look forward to our lessons of the day.  Parents play a big part in the connection.  I like to give them insight to some of the life lessons we teach the children.  This article is about how “our” story plays a big part in raising our children. 

When raising children we have to look within ourselves to see what our story is.  What our beliefs are and how we handle any limitations we may think we have.  Children are a mirror to us every day.  They are here to see our story and retell it to us through action and words.  It is up to us to see the reflection.  Most people do not see raising a child in such a light.  They may try to raise their children the way they were taught.  But, most parents don’t like their stories.  They don’t like feeling guilty, angry, or fearful, yet these are some of the tools they use in order to gain compliance from the little ones.  

0-kucccynjvaj5uo4yThey should focus on challenging children to be the best they can be rather then instilling these negative feelings into a child.  Proceed with caution.  Pause and think of your own childhood. Think of the things you were taught by someone you trusted. Feel how it shaped your definition of YOU.  Think of all the positives and negatives and how they apply to your life today.  Think of untangling the emotional web we have created with our self talk.  If you were always told how to comply, what to do, and how to do it, you are probably challenged with some self confidence in decision making. We have a tendency to question our judgment as it was overridden by older more experienced people throughout our lives

When working with children, you have to be mindful and in the light of love and empowerment. Trust children are always going to make the best choice for their lives, filled with compassion and love.  An example can be as simple as the way we allow our children to handle social interaction.  While visiting a park it may be evident your child does not to play with another child.  They may instinctually feel something we would dismiss because of the social stigma of not getting along with others.  Take a moment to understand the cause of the feeling. Trust your child’s instincts.  It is better to understand and support your child rather than succumb to the judgment of others watching you handle the situation.  What you are feeling in that given moment is nothing compared to the counseling your child will need in the future if they are taught to override a gut feeling, it can collapse their whole belief system in themselves.

We call our children silly little pet names, such as “stinky” or “silly” or “the bruiser.” You MUST realize the energy you put into your words are picked up like an antenna searching for a vibration of sound in outer space. Children hone in on words and their innocence and trust in adults blindly overrides what they know and feel to be true if done as a continued practice.

They are all great children who make challenging choices.  Focus on the choice not the child.  If you teach your child to make a better choice in the light of love it eliminates the negative self talk.  If you tell your child they are silly or stinky, they will believe it and become it.  Be careful of your words.  

Speak positively with a huge heart and huge positive affirmations and intentions and see how the energy of love lifts a child to a place of feeling protected, safe, loved, and abundant. Change the energy of the situation, break the cycle of repeat generational patterns and know you are creating a better future for your child. Allow children to trust their instincts and envision them living, surrounded by the positive light of love. Raise the vibration of love in your household and watch the ripple effect.